martedì 20 aprile 2021

Disegnando la "Piramide Alimentare"

Disegnando la "Piramide Alimentare" via Disegni e montaggio miei, musica di Riccardo Protani
Sarei felice se leggeste la descrizione che ho scritto nell'apposito spazio su youtube e se metteste un like al mio canale
Faccina che sorride a bocca aperta
E diffondete perché queste consapevolezze e informazioni possono contribuire concretamente a salvare la VITA e la SALUTE di molti! Grazie infinite! :-*

mercoledì 17 marzo 2021

Piramide alimentare e tutto ciò che ruota intorno... :D

Piramide alimentare e tutto ciò che ruota intorno... :D
Disegni miei, musica di Riccardo Pròtani <3

lunedì 8 febbraio 2021

Drawing Elianne against food taboo

Drawing "Elianne against taboo about close connection between nutrition and health or desease".

venerdì 15 gennaio 2021

Magenta&Green is a my own comics-project. I do the story and the drawings :) It started as comic-books severel years ago (Magenta) and now I'm continuing it as on line-version. A new start with some differences compared to the old once. You can find it in facebook and Instagram. Here an unedited scene transformed from a comic layout into an animated storyboard for a video. Enjoy it!

Fighting the Viruses-animazione dei virus

A new my ANIMATION! I started from a my illustration that was published in Illustrators Wall in Bologna Show 2020. I drew it (and others) during the lock down in March and April.

mercoledì 13 gennaio 2021

A Tale Of Two Shirts storyboard

In 2019 I drew a classic storyboard (not animated) for a Disney production, through the Franciosa Studios in Rome. Then in 2020 I started to study Toon Boom Storyboard Pro and so for exercise I animated this storyboard.
Other storyboards conceived as animated from the beginning will follow; and therefore those will be much more animated!
The most of the pages are colored by
Eva Villa
end three pages by
Monica Catalano

martedì 12 gennaio 2021

Disegno Alice Dark Rock/Christmas version-Velocizzato

While I was drawing, I recorded myself at various times.
Then I cutted, edited, speeded up and... here it is!
How much work to make a video!!! 😃