mercoledì 4 ottobre 2017

What I have worked on during 2017? On a superheroes miniserie for CHAPTER HOUSEAgent of P.A.C.T.H.! And I inked several illustrations for a Black Panther's book, MARVEL of course!
I can't publish the Marvel work for a question of rights but I can publish some pages from Agent Of P.A.C.T.H.

venerdì 4 novembre 2016

I'm back from Lucca Comics, German ComicCon and New York ComicCon 2016!  :)
Here two Harley Quinn, one from New York (drawn for International School of Comics in Chicago) and one from Lucca (drawn for the annual charity auction)

giovedì 22 settembre 2016

Two Comic Conventions in October! (3, actually... Lucca Comics btw October and November...)
See you there?! :D
A tribute to Robert Kirkman... Invincible!! :D 2016
Illustration dedicated to a dear friend's character Leda. 2016
A Harley Quinn just for fun! :) A my own interpretation, months before to see the movie Suicide Squad... So that's different! 
My illustration for the book Dead XX Squad, Dead Shot!:D 2016

(Dead XX Squad è un libro dedicato da vari disegnatori all'uscita del film Suicide Squad, a cura del blog Batman Crime Solver )